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Still, the best jobs for them are business, entrepreneurship and science. They are not only able to work with what is, but they have the power, drive and energy to explore what could be. This is why, in scientific settings, they tend to become organic leaders. People naturally gravitate towards them because they lead by example. They seem very, very open-minded. Deep down, they are very driven, focused, and results-oriented. Not surprisingly, they command a lot of natural loyalty. Even if they are assigned a very boring job, they find the fun in it.

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They find a way to get excited. Not only that, they look for possibilities. This enables them to not only turn in work on time, but they make sure that they turn in the very best work. January 19 Capricorns would rather spend that time doing something about it and providing a solid example to others. For people born on the 19 th of January, their normal, happy go lucky exterior can change overnight.

If they feel that they are somehow being insulted, as far as their deeply held values are concerned, they have often a scary ability to ward people off. This can make you a very formidable opponent. The worst part of you is when you become stubborn.

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  • You also can be quite solid as far as quality standards are concerned. To some extent, you exhibit traits of a perfectionist due to your January 19 Earth orientation. Saturn, on this day, focuses on boundaries and limitations. This manifests itself in your ability to practice a tremendous amount of self-discipline. Even if there are many easier paths in front of you and all sorts of distractions, you are able to stick to what you need to do. You are able to look at the long game and proceed accordingly.

    You have awesome analytical skills, which are used in professional trades. Those with birthday January 19, your natural abilities can even be used in the mental health care field.


    Whatever you choose to do, you will excel at it. Capricorns, at least most of the time, have tight-knit families. These qualities are admired, but it may be your devotion that is cherished the most. January 19 horoscope warns that these guys are not the people to put on the spot.

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    When that happens, you can be very anxious and could become unpredictable. Another thing about you, Capricorn is that you have little patience with people who do not keep their word! If you tell someone that you will be there at , then that is what time you will be there.

    18 Fun Birthday Facts About January 19, You Must Know

    You are a very punctual person. Others should be so respectful of the same rule. On that same note, however, the key to overcoming this irritation lies in the fact that we are all different. You may have to change your way of thinking to get along. The future of person who born on 19 January depends on how patient you can be. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Your zodiac sign Capricorn is associated with the Earth. You are very special. According to your birthday meaning, you receive your energy and intuition because of this connection.

    It locks you in a grounded position. Keeping in mind your security for your future, you avoid taking a risk. Test Now! Some say that you are overly cautious or overly protective, but you are just a realist.

    Sometimes you miss opportunities because of this. A calculated risk could prove to be prosperous. You make the ladder of success look easy to those looking in. However, it has not been as easy as they think. The January 19 Capricorn horoscope profile shows that you do not complain about much, so they have no idea of what it takes. It gets lonely sometimes although you would never let anyone get close to you.

    January 19

    January 19 born Capricorns could come across as being unapproachable sometimes. Getting a daily hug is among one of your necessities in life. Michael 2. David 3. James 4. John 5. Robert 6. Mark 7. William Susan 2. Linda 3. Karen 4. Donna 5. Patricia 6. Debra 7. Cynthia How popular is your name? Search to find out!

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    Search your name: Girl: Boy:. Celebrities Birthdays: January 19th, Dolly Parton. Edgar Allan Poe. Alexey Vorobyov. Nash Edgerton. Katey Sagal. Janis Joplin.