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There's also evidence that sexism, both conscious and unconscious , helped tear down one of the most qualified candidates in history. And all of this is to say nothing of potential Russian interference.

Well, here's a new one: Members of the astrological community believe that the exact time of Clinton's birth on October 26, , may be responsible for her loss. According to Broadly, political astrologers have spent decades obsessing over the exact moment Clinton's life began. Knowing a person's birth time is key to figuring out their rising sign, which is used to determine their house cusps: key information when it comes to making predictions about a person's life path.

Apparently, Clinton's time of birth has been a topic of debate for the past two decades. Although it's been reported that Clinton confirmed at least once she was born at 8 p. Since the s, astrologers have claimed that Clinton was actually born at 8 a. Although this seems pretty unlikely, because there's no evidence that Clinton has any interest or knowledge regarding astrology.

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As it turns out, many wanted to believe that Clinton was born at 8 a. For his part, Larkin believes Clinton was born at 8 p. Still, there's nothing "utterly cataclysmic" in Clinton's chart. So it's, uh, a pretty big leap to chalk up her loss to astrology when there were so many other factors at play. Nevertheless, political astrologists continue to speculate. Only this time, they're looking towards what Donald Trump's birth chart could mean for his future. Many astrologers say that the eclipse on August 21 bodes terribly for Trump because it falls directly on Leo, his rising sign.

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But, of course, nothing is ever certain: "In terms of what that specifically means, and in terms of whether that's something negative for [Trump] or something that's negative for the country as a whole, I don't know," he adds. She has been part of the faculty of the New Chartres School, held every year, for the past seven years in Chartres, France by Wisdom University. Faculty Astrologer. This has given her a greater taste for history and a deeper love of writing.

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However, her first love in astrology is doing charts and her worldwide clientele is the ground out of which her astrological inspiration is nourished. Her teaching demonstrates her fascination with the personal dynamics revealed in the birth chart as well as her commitment to allow an active unfolding of archetypal patterns in every moment, so that her work remains engaging and fresh, both for herself and her students.

He received a B. Steven has one of the biggest astrological apprentice training programs, which is popular for good reason. His teaching skill is masterful, and students return to the program year after year, even long after becoming professional astrologers and writers themselves. Steven offers two levels of certification in his style of Evolutionary Astrology. She has been active in astrology since , and in she received the renowned Regulus Award in Theory and Understanding.

Demetra offers instruction in all levels of astrological education: the fundamentals of interpretation, chart delineation, Hellenistic astrology, mythic asteroids, and ancient Greek for astrologers. Karen Hamaker-Zondag started her astrological practice in She is a founding member of two schools in Holland: an astrological school, Stichting Achernar, founded in , and a school of Jungian psychology, Stichting Orderir, founded A leading astrologer in Holland she also lectures extensively throughout the world and first began lecturing for the CPA in In she was invited to teach at the first real and official Astrological University in the USA, Kepler College, and be a member of the staff.

This University is entitled to educate students for a Liberal Arts Degree, and will develop a program for a Masters Degree.

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He works with astrology as an adjunct to psychotherapy — a way of hearing from the psyche akin to work with dreams and images. He lectures in Santa Fe and at national and regional astrology conferences. Students interested in delving into the complexity of the psyche will love his work. His degree turned out to be the perfect precursor to his career in astrology, where his focus includes historical research and chart analysis. He also loves working with and studying aspects, which forms the core of his work with clients.

Mark is a regular speaker and workshop leader in North America, Europe and Australia. Students love working with Mark because of his spiritual approach, his humor, warmth, and depth.

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Mark works with clients around the world via Skype. In her private practice, Jessica draws from her knowledge of many metaphysical traditions to provide her clients with a sense of the big picture. Her readers and students are given an understanding of how they might respond, rather than merely react, to these turbulent times.

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Jessica graduated from Brown University, where she studied Jungian psychology and linguistics. After a few years in a political theatre troupe, Jessica began a study of the symbolic language of archetypes, and has been practicing and teaching astrology in San Francisco for thirty-five years.