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Je ne crois pas trop au horoscope, je suis Scorpion, la description que tu fais des scorpion mais c est trop ca: Je sais, truc de malade! Stubborn oh yes but also loyal and we love harmony and never really fight. Today it was not the best day for me. I was a little sad because my mother is sick. But after reading your horoscope post, my god!!!

I had so much fun!!! I am still laughing hahaha. By the way I am a Virgo and my mother is a Scorpio. I am a little bit into astrology. It kind of makes sense when you really think about it for 2 seconds.

Like you say we complements each other and live in a fine harmony dispite zodiac says. I hope that we can be friends. An earth sign just like you Garance. Supposed to have feet on the ground etc but actually live in the clouds: Follow my astrologer Jonathan Cainer from London every single day. AND how many of them are actually Earth signs! I came across astrologyzone in and it was already a hit and have been reading since. I dont believe this cheap horoscope from magazines and newspapers but I do recomend a map chart.

What exactly is a Sun Sign Horoscope?

Moi je suis capricorne! Hey, Garance, moi aussi, je suis Taureau! Ce sont les rois du zodiaque! A moins que ce ne soit mon ascendant. I am surprised at how much my personality corresponds with the Taurus description. If she predicts Nov. Traits are pretty on point. Taurus have a logical, realistic view of the world, while Aquarius have a revolutionary view of everything. On the surface, they might not have too many interests in common, but they both have a powerful urge to succeed in their endeavours. Once they share their ideas and resources, they could achieve tremendous success.

Sadly it is so true. We are a perfect match made in creative hell. If I believed believed in horoscopes I should break up with him and find an Aries or Sagittarius. I cracked up about your crossed out description of Pisces. Astrology can be a reference to the basic traits, but people tend to focus on the good points it indicates. The traits can be found in everyone, just a matter of percentage. I think while the growing process, culture, and living invironment determine more. Merci Garance pour ce nouveau site extra! Et toi, quel est ton ascendant?

Les capricornes ce sont les pires…. However, whilst librans are not supposed to get on with pisces case in point: Je ne lis plus les horoscopes sauf sur la plage: And so is my boyfriend… Together we make a mean stubborn team!

Aquarius Horoscope

They can be very funny to read when bored! Un vrai attrape nilgau. Bon courage pour la suite. J y crois pas du tout. Ma raison est simple: Ils disent des choses tellement generales et vagues que, logiquement, il faut que qqch tombe bien. And I read my astrology religiously every single day — I know, how determined and persistent am I? Garance,I am a Scorpio too, will be our year!! This site Astrologyzone is really ugly!

Ooh Garance mais je ss Taureau comme toi alors!


But in astrology I do! The planets and stars really influence us, just like the moon influences the tide water and it is a statistical fact that more crimes are committed during full moons. Being a passionate yogi myself too, yoga closely looks at the phases of the moon, hence moon days when it is best not to exercise, travel, have important meetings etc… Interesting or what?

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The mysteries of the infinite universe ahh…. Not so sure about calm though…. I used to frequent it often while I lived there. And the compatibility things are pretty true. I am totally explosive with an Aries and nicely complimented by the opposition of a Capricorn. Garance, dit, dit , dit, dans quels articles parles-tu de ta maman? The sun sign horoscope takes into account the pull of our sun sign planet. How can a personal horoscope help? Many people are consistently drawn to astrology to better understand themselves. Astrology resonates with the majority of people and helps outline our character, strengths and areas of weakness as well as our untapped potential.

Astrology is more like a guidance system that helps a person understand more of who they are. In this way, a personal horoscope can be used to add meaning and significance to just about every area of life including relationships, business, hobbies and child rearing. Astroyogi 19 janvier What exactly is a Sun Sign Horoscope? If you are into trading, you need to stock more variety of le parisien 93 horoscope as per the market demand. From the position of your moon's nakshatra at the moment of birth in your sidereal vedic chart, the ruler of the nakshatra will determine which planetary period you will experience first in your life.

Of being unable to read or spell at her age, so instead. Your birthdate tarot card is the star. Building a stronger foundation by cultivating self-trust. However, this relative indolence benefits you in many instances. And here lies the problem: not everyone. Some books actually stated that one's life compatible partner.

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