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Report Writers Insightful and comprehensive astrology report writing software for Windows. Specialty AstroTech has a range of specialty astrology products available to compliment and further assist you in your astrology journey. Upgrades To bring your ET software to latest version and features. Enrol Now.

Quick Links. Contact Information. These reports can be sold or given to your friends, family and clients however we recommend you edit them first as they have been written for astrological edification. For fully comprehensive reports for more general use please see our Solar Writer range which can be used seamlessly with Solar Fire or on their own. Besides sorting timed hits in the usual chronological order, you can sort with the slowest-moving transits first, group natal points to see how each is affected by transits during the period, or put exact and leaving hits upfront with the entering hit to see the whole course of each transit as it starts.

You can also sort transits, progressions, directions, ingresses, stations and eclipses into separate sections.

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Dynamic lists have the same advanced options tertiaries, minors, quotidians, Bija correction, etc. You can search through your chart files one at a time to discover charts with similar features. The powerful time search capability enables you to use a wide range of astrological criteria and chart data criteria. Solar Fire makes it all so easy and the results are fascinating. Some chart shapes also allow selection of which planet is key eg. Lead planet in a Locomotive, Handle planet in a Sling or Bucket. And if that is not enough Solar Fire now allows for full Boolean logic support!

A welcome addition to Solar Fire is the ability to define your own dynamic report columns and include AGE! Our Dynamic events have the highest accuracy possible, including for large time steps. Auto DST adjustments are now applied to report events and a timezone column added to show which timezone applies to each event. You can easily and quickly display any dynamic report in calendar format, for a day, week or month at a time. You can print your Solar Calendar or email it to your family, friends or clients. Your interpretations can be shown as popup hint bubbles, or as a separate report.

The Calendar can also be produced as a PDF file and then easily exported as calendar events into other calendar programs such as MS Outlook, or any other calendar applications that are compatible with the iCalendar or vCalendar formats. Solar Fire lets you cast all types and variations of forecasting charts and save them for future use. You can choose from:. You can view any forecasting chart either by itself or in a multi-ringed wheel along with the natal and other charts.

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Dynamic Hit Lists are extraordinarily flexible and complete in Solar Fire. You can do transits to natal, transiting, progressed or directed positions , progressions secondary, tertiary, minor and user-defined, to natal or progressed positions , arc directions solar, Ascendent, Vertex or user-defined whole, double, half or reverse arcs , sign and house ingresses, stations and eclipses. You can do any individually, mix them in one timed list, or merge hit lists to gain even further flexibility. As points, you can include both moving and natal asteroids, hypothetical planets, midpoints, and even the moving Asc, MC, Vertex and Equatorial Ascendant.

Plus, as natal points you can include intermediate house cusps, Arabic parts, and any fixed points that you specify. Other choices include natal or relocated; geo or helio; tropical, sidereal or precession-corrected; regular or converse; and timing to either the day or the minute. Once you set up all your selections for a given purpose, you can name and save them for future use. For more information about a hit, you can click on it to see other instances of the transit, a paragraph of interpretation, or a full chart wheel for the moment. You can also copy just the hits themselves to a word processor or spreadsheet, where you can edit them, manipulate them in tables, etc.

Using a horizontal bar to indicate the duration of each event, these graphs make it easy to visualize how the transits, progressions, directions, and other events overlap in time. Graphic Ephemerides : Ebertin-style graphs of planetary motion give you an additional way to make sense of transits, progressions or directions. You can do graphic ephemerides with or without a natal chart, and you can view them not only in longitude in , , degree or any other modulus but also in latitude and declination.

In Solar Fire you can move the cursor to see the exact date and zodiacal degree of any point on the graph. Even better, you are free to scroll these graphs forward and back in time as much as you wish without needing to return to the selection screen. Custom Ephemeris Tables use state-of-the-art accuracy and go way beyond what you can get in books! Over any timespan and in whatever time zone and time intervals you choose, you can generate your choice of longitude, latitude, right ascension, declination, and daily motion not only for planets, but also for the MC, Asc, Part of Fortune, midpoints, regular and extra asteroids, stars and hypothetical points.

You can do these in geo or helio coordinates; in the tropical, draconic or any sidereal zodiac. Your printouts can also include the sidereal time and day of the week, and they can be precise to either minutes or seconds of arc. You can also generate ephemerides in decimal-degree format for export to spreadsheets and other applications.

From then on, they stand ready for instant recall as transiting, progressed or directed charts. Life-event lists also enable you to jump to the time of these events instantly in the animated chart view. Solar Fire contains all of the features that you would like for your relationship astrology work — Synastry Grids and Interpretations, Composite Charts, and more.

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A synastry grid with orbs lets you quickly spot the issues. Or you can make a Synastry interpretations report. The Ashtkoot Compatibility System is a system that has its roots in India and is primarily used in Vedic astrology. The scoring within this system is based on the position of the sidereal Moon Lahiri of the two people and the 8 factors are scored on the integration of these two Moon positions. The implementation of this system in Solar Fire allows a user to select two charts from either the chart files or ones that have been entered and if a zodiac used in those charts is one other than the Lahiri zodiac then Solar Fire automatically converts the Moon position to the Lahiri sidereal position internally to calculate the score.

Using colours of a traffic light as indicators, you can easily evaluate the results, with red serving as a warning for the long term viability of the relationship, orange signifying the need to further analysis of the two individual charts while the green light indicates a high degree of compatibility for the relationship. Traditional astrologers will enjoy the growing body of features included to enable you to explore the ancient world of astrology. Solar Fire traditionalists have a choice between a round chart wheel or a traditional square one. A round wheel can display the Decans while Traditional Square Charts are included in a dozen pages designed specifically for Classical Astrology.

Traditional Aspect Types include moieties and sign-to-sign aspects. The unique Dignities Editor enables you to explore the world of Classical Astrology with pre-designed almutens and dignities or by designing your own.

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You can produce your own set of ancient calculations from a simple Essential Dignities score to a more complicated Chart Almuten. Traditional Planet Sets and Rulerships are available, plus unlimited user-definable Arabic parts which include the traditional Part of Fortune and other Parts that differ for day and night births. With the Arabic Parts Editor you to modify more than pre-defined parts and also create new ones, each with its own name and abbreviation. You can create and store different sets of Arabic parts for different uses.

The Rulership Editor enables you to modify the included Modern, Traditional, Esoteric and Hierarchical rulership schemes or create new ones. There are also Fixed Stars, including a set of the 31 stars described by Ptolemy. Likewise, the Fixed Star Editor lets you add traditional star meanings to those already in the program. A horary page with full Lilly-style dignities, almutens of houses, planetary hours, and the day or night Part of Fortune is also available.

Traditional Predictive Techniques include Firdaria Schoener and nodal variation types , annual profections, Directions by Egyptian or Ptolemaic terms, and Primary Directions Ptolemy degree-for-a-year, Naibod, and natal solar rates as well as modern Van Dam primaries. You will also find Firdaria interpretations. These can be produced for current period, the current, previous and last or for a lifetime. Chart and Electional Searches will find charts and time periods that have any of 7 horary considerations — Sun above the horizon, Asc near a sign boundary, and Moon void by standard or Lilly method , waxing, fast or in the Via Combusta.

These search features can also find charts where a given planet, cusp or other point or its ruler, almuten, antiscion or contra-antiscion is in any of 20 specified types of dignity.

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In addition, they can do things like finding charts where a planet, point or cusp or its ruler, almuten, etc. Solar Fire also contains a Temperament tabulation. This Temperament tabulation can be done for any chart and contains the four temperaments weighted according to Lilly — Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic, Phlegmatic. Solar Fire contains Traditional Wheel Designs. Now you can choose either of the following:. Those who love Hellenistic Astrology will be delighted with the ability to calculate Zodiacal Releasing, an ancient timing technique that is derived from the work of the 2nd century astrologer Vettius Valens.

Expert astrologers can now enjoy our revised and expanded range of Primary Directions reports available through the Dynamic Reports feature. Solar Fire enables you to include the heliocentric position of the planet Earth on geocentric charts. You can display graphs of ray distributions of the planetary placements by sign using either weighted or unweighted planets.

You can also display planet and sign colors based on the esoteric ray through the signs and planets. Solar Fire enables you to select esoteric aspects such as the Quintile, Septile, Novile and more. You can calculate 18 kinds of prenatal charts, including E H Bailey and Charles Jayne-type charts for conception and quickening. You may also enjoy displaying your birth charts using the beautiful designs of Esoteric Astrologer the late Eila Laurikainen and other artists.

Midpoints: There are midpoint trees and lists of midpoint axis structures; midpoint lists sorted by planet, modulus or mode; and Munkasey Midpoint Weighting Analysis tables that show which midpoints are the most active. You can also include selected midpoints in the extra-points ring of wheels and dials.

In addition, you can generate table-style ephemerides that show the positions of transiting midpoints at regular intervals. Arc Directions: In directed charts, hitlists, time maps and graphic ephemerides, you can do solar arc and other directions by forward or reverse whole, half or double arcs.

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  • Graphic Modulus Sort Strips are like linear dials. They let you see at a glance how the chart points relate to each other in various harmonics. You can create sort strips in any modulus for example , , and degree and arrange strips for different moduli on the same page. Sorted Difference Listings of all pairs of points in a chart are a simple and elegant way to see both midpoint axes and planetary pictures.

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    They sort the near and far arcs between every planetary pair in order of arc size. Pairs with nearly the same arc are on the same midpoint axis — which means that they form a planetary picture. Watch the celestial sphere appear before your very eyes. The Fixed Stars Editor enables you to enter data for additional stars or deep-space objects, sort them in various ways, print out star tables, find their positions in eras remote from our own, and create special sets of stars for different uses.

    You could even use the Fixed Stars Editor to enter the day-by-day positions of a comet which you could then display in the Planetarium View, with or without the planets of a natal chart. This shows the true spatial relation of stars to a chart. These can provide a clue as to whether the star is making parans with other bodies in the chart. Star Aspect and Paran Lists are available in the main body of the program. These show either aspects or parans between stars and the other points in a chart. Star Interpretations are available for 50 of the most prominent stars, you can point and click in the planetarium to see a carefully thought-out modern interpretation by star expert Bernadette Brady.

    Brief traditional designations are also given for the set of 31 stars mentioned by Ptolemy. Ephemeris Tables of Stars. Not the easiest program to learn especially if you are a novice in astrology, with some obscure functions. Still better than most expensive programs..

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    This is the best astrology program for chart calculations. No spyware. The interpretations are basic but it's FREE. A word to the one negative feedback: You don't need an uninstaller since this program doesn't install, just unzip and run from directory. No 'digging' into Windows which is nice. Get it and try it and see for yourself. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited.

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    Pros Seems to be fairly user friendly. Cons Does not include uninstall. Read reply 1 Reply by Cruiser1 on March 19, About printing, Astrolog prints whatever's on the screen. Report this post.

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    Pros Don't know Cons Very DOS-like interface on installation. Summary Installer is not user-friendly! Pros Czech word cerven is Juni and word cervenec is July. July is the same as Juni and there are not calculation fof July Cons I sudgest improving of your grafic chart.

    Summary Ve Vasem programu pro vypocet horoskopu je zavazna chyba a to ze , kdyz se zada mesic cervenec tak je vypocet pro mesic cerven. Pros It is by far and away the best. Cons The midpoint format is cumbersome. Cons I downloaded this program to my mother's computer, who has college training in Astrology and has composed her own charts for years, she can't make heads or tails of it.

    Pros it downloaded nice Cons way to complicated it take me a year to figure out what it is trying to tell me. Pros Definitely by far the best freeware astrology program with an amazing selection of calcuations. Cons Not the easiest program to learn especially if you are a novice in astrology, with some obscure functions.

    Poor help guide.